We Are Here

PhotographerManel Quiros
PrizeSilver in Eventos / Causas Sociales
Entry Description

“We are WE ARE HERE, a group of refugees without papers that want to make our problem visible. We moved from the tent camp at Notweg in Amsterdam Osdorp to Vluchtkerk, then to Vluchtflat in Slotervaart, then to Vluchtkantoor, in the heart of Amsterdam. In December 2013 we squatted the Vlucht garage at Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. In July 2014 we squatted the Vluchtopvang in Amsterdam-Oost. In August we squatted de Vluchtschool and in the same month we squatted het Vluchtgebouw. WE WANT OUR RIGHTS!”

About Photographer

Manel Quiros (1984) Spanish photographer from Barcelona based in the United Kingdom since 2010. Studied professional photography at the University of Valencia and Visual Communication and Photojournalism in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He has collaborated with; CC ONG, Naya Nagar ONGD, Red Cross Spain, Red Cross Burkinabe, UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) and WFP (World Food Programme). His dedication to documentary photography has been developed in several European countries, and also in countries such as; Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia. He works professionally on long photographic editorial projects.