El Carnaval de Cádiz

PrizeSilver in Gente / Retrato
Entry Description

The Carnival of Cadiz is a declared international tourist festival held annually. And in it we can distinguish two parts. On the one hand, the contest of groupings in its various forms (Coro, Comparsa, Chirigota and Quartet), acting at the Gran Teatro Falla; and on the other side, and once the famous night Falla theater, carnival begins on the street. Clusters are the result of work and dedication for several months many people as authors, designers, tailors, makeup artists, comparsistas, etc. His work coalesces into character. This project is intended to show the final result, embodied in his "type". The term "type", in Cadiz, is not only used to refer to disguise, but covers the costume and character or spirit of the character they purport to represent. This is, ultimately, the real protagonist of the carnival; the character that comes to life through my portraits. The objective of the project aims to capture the essence of each character.