A play in three acts on the beauty of failure_

PhotographerLaura Rivera Gómez
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Abstracto
Entry Description

The inert limbs serve here as a vital metaphor that aims at finding a catharsis desperately, triggered by resources that help achieving the ultimate goal. As for this composition, the development of the design is portrayed by the geometry of a marble stairway - a classic element with a crystalline texture, also as dormant as the previous elements. The final rise and and the result of the search conclude in a neutral and lifeless end whose purity is altered by the breakdown of its surface. It is a flaw what makes it beautiful - different from the rest. It is a way of expressing that life prevails, as well as experience, an open and down-to-earth spirit, resilience and empathy - the ability to value beauty in each and every of the circumstances that life presents. This series is intended as a tribute to the cleansing of the spiritual emotions caused by the observation of a tragic situation.