PhotographerJORGE CÍSCAR
PrizeSilver in Especial / Viajes / Turismo
Entry Description

Borobudur temple (Java – Indonesia) is the biggest buddhist stupa all over the world. The story of this enormous temple is incredible. It was built between VIII and IX centuries, and it was the most important place of pilgrimage for buddhists. In the XV century it was abandonded and completely covered with ashes of the Merapi volcano and vegetation. In 1814 the explorer Thomas Stanford learned of the existence of this temple and he sent the dutch ingeneer H.C. Cornellius, who stayed over 2 months with 200 men cutting the vegetation. It took 20 years to dig it up completely, and after that it was subjected to restoration works up to 1982, year in which was named World Heritage by the UNESCO. Now it is again a very important pilgrimage place, and thousands of buddhist go there once a year to celebrate the Vesak (the most important party for buddhists). It is also the most visited place by tourists in Indonesia. It is a good idea to visit it during the sunrise or sunset, because it gives the temple an ethereal atmosphere that makes it more special. It's a real show.