Benzo Body

PhotographerAnna Villaplana Casaponsa
PrizeSilver in Perspectiva Más Amplia / Perspectiva más Amplia
Entry Description

Benzodiazepines are a group of psychoactive drugs widely used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Yet, it is scientifically proven that long term use causes undesired effects, thus, medically, should only be used for short-term relief of these health problems when severe and disabling. Some facts should be paid attention to: on the one hand, all benzos, as are commonly known, act by enhancing the actions of a natural brain chemical, GABA, which transmits an inhibitory message from one neuron to another and tells them to slow down or stop firing. On the other hand and most importantly, almost half of the neurons in our brain respond to GABA, and benzodiazepines increase its quietening influence. Consequently, benzos induce feelings of calm, drowsiness and sleep, and in the long term, ataxia, mental confusion, impaired judgement and amnesia. In 2011, the global total calculated consumption for benzodiazepine amounted to 26.2 billion daily doses, the highest number ever reached by any drug category. In the western countries, a third of the adults age 40 and older consum them, only in Spain, 5.5 million people, which makes it one of the 10 countries in the world with higher per capita consumption. Beyond data, this is a disturbing portrait that talks about our ways of feeling and living. How much are we ready to loose in order to “consum” a fearless life? We are facing here a public health issue as much as a public management, thus political, of the personal identities. *** Chlordiazepoxide was the first benzo synthesized in 1956. Lorazepam, Diazepam, Alprazolam and Lormetazepam are currently the most sold benzodiazepine molecules. With each of them a different experiment was designed during the activation of seeds of different botanical varieties, exposed to the liquid solution of the active principle and with a control sample hydrated with water.

About Photographer

Barcelona / Madrid: This Biography begins in the current stage of the life of its protagonist, when in the year 2016 she decided to focus her creative effort on photograph. This year she was selected for PhotoEspaña Porfolio Reviews and, later, was awarded a scholarship by Lens School, Madrid. The previous stages of her life speak of more than twenty years of freelance work in communication, accumulating practices and knowledge in applied creativity: graphic design, art direction and creation and editing of editorial contents. A tool box that now has at the disposal of her vocation: tell stories, those that interest her. In her beginnings, the first learning was acquired in the School Elisava of Barcelona, where she graduated in Graphic Design and where years later practiced teaching. In all these moments, photography has shaped her vital and professional interest. Already in 1994, she won the Jove Photography Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a work that became part of the Art Fund of this institution and was exhibited at the Palau Marc de Barcelona.