CompanyJuan Pixelecta
PhotographerJuan PIXELECTA
PrizeGold in Gente / Retrato
Entry Description

It is a portrait I made to Nidia, the daughter of my friend Juan. I wanted to get what you see intentionally; That only the look could be seen when the hair covered the face of the girl. It was not easy ... I got it with more than thirty shots.

About Photographer

I have been fond of photography since always, but it's since the digital era when I was really interested. I bought my first reflex camera in 2008. My real name is Juan Garcia Lucas, but I sign as Juan Pixelecta. I really like the diagonals in any scene (if I do not have diagonals, I invent them by tilting the camera). I am obsessed with capturing the optimum moment. I am of the opinion that you can learn from good and bad pictures, all are didactic. Do you also learn from bad pictures? Yes, they force us to think how we would have done them.