Watchful Lines

PhotographerIgnacio Carrera
PrizeBronze in Naturaleza / Vida Salvaje
Entry Description

You could feel the tension in the air as we were shooting and one could only wonder who was watching who…

About Photographer

I'm a photographer eager to share my passion for photography with anyone who is willing to "listen". For the longest time, I have been encouraged to share the colors, dreams, thoughts and emotions that a photograph creates and hopefully, transmit my enthusiasm to others. I have spent my career as an executive in the corporate world having the fortune to travel around the world and my camera has always been close allowing me to capture the beauty of our world. I also want to encourage you to visit my website ( to see more of my work and especially the “Giving Back” section. Take a look at the organizations I’m personally involved with. These are all non-profit organizations that have children at the center of their efforts. Thank you in advance and keep making memories! Ignacio Carrera